Bellesouth Studio

Rebecca Cook, Bellesouth Studio Travelers Rest, SC


Rebecca Cook is a multiple award winning artist and has had several successful solo exhibits of her artwork and is a member of Art Cellar Gallery in nearby Greenville SC. She has also had several pieces juried into regional art exhibits.

Rebecca is a mostly self taught artist and photographer, finding inspiration in what others often miss. Diagnosed with a severe chronic illness several years ago which greatly limited her options in life, she has used creating art to open exciting new vistas for self-expression. As she progresses in her artistic journey, she finds herself exploring the extreme opposites of two types of artistic expression: the ancient art of encaustic wax medium and photo artistry birthed by new technology.

The tactile nature of encaustic appeals to her senses, though it is a difficult media to master. This art form predates the birth of Christ, and beautiful examples can still be found in Egyptian and Greek museums. Encaustic work is teaching her patience and perseverance and the power of following her own artistic voice rather than comparing herself to other encaustic artists.

On the other hand, modern photographic technology allows her the delight of mastering photo artistry. She alters and enhances images, coaxing forth the inner voice of the subject. Her desire is to show the Creators hand in the details of creation. Proverbs 25:2 states It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out. (ESV) One of her favorite quotes is: Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. (Jonathan Swift)


Paleo Fish by Bellesouth Studio


Storytime by Bellesouth Studio


Cliffs On Isle of Guernsey by Bellesouth Studio


Flowers on Isle of Guernsey Cliffs by Bellesouth Studio


Abelia Coming Through by Bellesouth Studio


Vintner Label by Bellesouth Studio


Effusion by Bellesouth Studio


Old Old by Bellesouth Studio


Yesterday's News by Bellesouth Studio


Steampunk Time by Bellesouth Studio


Hope For Tomorrow by Bellesouth Studio


Spring In His Home Town by Bellesouth Studio